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Vaastu Shastra
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Acharya Sidharth Vyas,
My name is Acharya Sidharth Vyas, India. Having an astrology postgraduate degree and 11 years of experience in astrology allows me to use my analytical abilities as well as my experience to maximize the accuracy of my predictions. Post graduate was completed from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Visvidhalya Varanasi and Maharishi Bhrigu foundation Mehruli New Delhi. The world and is often compared to the likes of Stanford. And I was also a gemstones artisan training in jaipur dec. 1995 six months course.Generations of my family have dedicated their lives to the study of astrology, and its sole purpose has been to benefit

mankind. From early childhood, I have been a very avid student of Astrology. My Great - Grandfather and Grandfather had served as STATE ASTROLOGER in Rajasthan in Bikaner This was a highly respected position and they looked upon it as their life mission to serve the masses via providing astrological advice. My father has got an early start into learning the various intricacies of Vedic Astrology by spending he childhood years with my grandfather. My father was witness to the predictions given by my grandfather to various renowned peoples of the country and that awareness and fascination propelled me into further research. 

Dr. U.S.Vyas who is director of Maharishi Bhrigu Foundation is also my father & respected GURU for putting me into various intricacies of Vedic Astrology ( Lagna & Natal Chart) ,Vastu , karmkand ,yantra making. He is the instrument behind & I inherited the knowledge of the subject from my respected GURU & father of his Astrologygical background from family tradition & unparallel prediction in the field of Astrology & Vastu.

After having gone through the rigors of ACHARYA in ASTROLOGY, I am convinced that Astrology has its foundations on SCINTIFIC PRINCIPALES.I started practicing Astrology from 1995 onwards till date. I have seen more than 16000 horoscopes; I have gained lot of insight into giving predictions to people of varied backgrounds. Before any advice is given, it is important to know the credential of the person as born time, date of birth & the area.

Over the years, I have maintained a database of all the horoscopes I have studied and the predictions – the results have been fascinating and I would be happy to share my experiences with you. I encourage you to make the most of my experience to improve the quality of your life.

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