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Vaastu Shastra
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Colour Therapy

What is the importance of colors in our life

Medical science has proven that different colors have definite and various effects upon our nervous system and that they act quite independently of our eyes or minds. All matter emits vibrations. A human being also radiates subtle emanations of everything of which he is composed. A person with extra sensitive sight is able to see the colors of these rays known as a person's aura. Colors are of the deepest significance to us throughout all phases of our life. They have more influence on us then we can possibly imagine. If we use them intelligently, they can help us by strengthening, soothing, and inspiring us. Dark, drab and dingy colors can harm our spirits and health. Strong bright colors may bring out the best in us, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.


White promotes sex empowerment the colure responds to energy of life and sadness white colure name of speed of life and energy also called of gyan chakra. Attributes: Protection, purification, freshness, cold, and potential. Spiritual strength, faith, truth and sincerity. White reflects all light rays and is therefore cooling and restful. It is the sum of all colors.

Characteristics: White is the color of purity, of new snow or heavenly light. Despite outward appearances, those who favor white may have flaws not apparent to others. They observe others and camoflage themselves in their environment, seeing themselves as special and above it all. Sometimes these people show a false sense of shyness, waiting to be noticed so that they may express their very outspoken thoughts.

Regardless of their behavior, white people express a virginal attitude and are known for this by others. They examine others critically while not making them feel judged. Once approved, they tend to be happy at their appraisal. White personalities are reluctant to discuss their beliefs with others despite firmly holding to their beliefs. They are confident and assured in their self-awareness, which is not to say they are not pleased when another acknowledges their beliefs as truth. Self-importance then, is integral to their personality and can be both a positive attribute and negative depending on the individual.

Black promotes slow life and negative mind because black is second name of night. Black respondsto theft and robbery. Affect on body that is called lezzy.

Black is philosopher and poetry. Bhrahm chakra . Dark, drab and dingy colors can harm our spirits and health. Strong bright colors may bring out the best in us, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Attributes: Negativity or the removal of negativity. Outer space, the universe, night. Fertility, wisdom, sadness, mourning, loss, death, discord, confusion, fear and evil. Black is the absence of colors, absorbing all the light of the spectrum.

Characteristics: Black personalities are methodical statisticians who want every thing done in detail. The make fine accountants and tax IRS auditors and collection agents. They always finish what they begin. Although not leaders, under direction, they are hard-working fixers who zero in on the essence of any problem. They tenaciously love to find the mistakes and faults of others like detectives or puzzle fans.

People who like black hold things inside and do not want to be touched. They put a barrier between themselves and others, keeping their strength inside so that they can better protect their emotions. They want no one to take advantage of their sensitivity despite their wish to be part of the world around them.

For many, black is a 'comfort' color, making them feel at ease and when necessary, allows them to hide from world. The 'evil' aspects of black are largely and historically religious in nature in our western culture. Other people use black for celebration and marriage attire. The irony is that we wear black to funerals but also to the most elevated of formal affairs


Pink promotes to voracious readers, constantly seeking knowledge, particularly in tales of the lives of others. Wanting a greater spiritual connection, they love the subjects of theology and religion. Thus armed, they love to spread their findings to others to help them on their spiritual paths. That is called bhog chakra connection; they love the subjects of theology and religion. Thus armed, they love to spread their findings to others to help them on their spiritual paths. That is called bhog chakra Attributes: Peace, love, friendship, compassion, relaxation. Gentle emotions and unions. Overcoming evil, honor, morality, friendship and success.

Characteristics: People who love the color pink either seek or already enjoy a peaceful state of grace or bliss. They smile constantly which can sometimes irk others who are not in the same space. These people try to see and bring out the best in others, truly loving everyone. If they don't believe someone is essentially good, then you can be sure there is a valid reason they would conclude this.

Pink people are very intelligent and contemplative. They study, analyze the best way to go about something before they take action. They may appear slow as a result, but are merely methodical in their thoughts and hard working.. Sometimes overly optimistic, these people tend to look younger than their years. They view the world in such a positive light it can be dazzling. Shy, they would like to be more active but fear precipitous action, choosing not to make mistakes because they do not wish to be judged unfairly by others. Humor is a tool pink people use to make others happy although they may not be rautious or ribald, instead possessing a dry wit.


Red promotes vigor, empowerment, and stimulation. Red personalities feel all powerful and convince others that they are but they do not make good leaders. Under proper direction, they do make good followers and have no problems doing whatever needs doing to finish a job. A bit scattered, red personalities can go off on tangents, their attention span being limited. Quick minded, bright people, when focused, they can be very determined Physically, it is thought to improve circulation and stimulate red blood cell production. It is also associated with the first Chakra, also called the Root Center or the Muladhara Chakra. Strength, force, power, control and leadership. Stimulation, warmth, excitement. Good health, physical energy, love, sex, passion, courage, protection. Birth, life and death, birth and volcanic eruptions. Red is the chief color in any herbs or medicines having a heating and stimulating effect, such as cayenne, cloves or musk .


Orange promotes pleasure, eagerness, and sexual stimulation. As nature lovers, orange people love being outdoors, whether walking in the forest or participating in sports. Nature invigorates them and being housebound depresses them. They feel an affinity for both flora and fauna, recognizing that all people are also part of nature. Well thought of by others, orange personalities make good friends and excel at careers such as farming or ranching, wilderness guides or professional sports.

It is also the color of creativity and imagination. This color is known to heal all sexual traumas as well as illnesses related to the digestive system. The color orange responds to the second chakra in the body also called the sacral chakra or the Svadhistana chakra..

Yellow is a sensory stimulant associated with knowledge and intelligibility. Yellow has decongestant and antibacterial properties, and is useful in stimulating both the digestive system and the lymphatic system. People with yellow personalities are very business minded and like to be thought of as educated. They use their minds to achieve their goals and as a result, love games and are particularly good at chess. Yellow people can be stubborn and if they favor mustard yellow, they can be pompous and cause suspicion. The darkest characteristic of yellow is deceit and cowardice.

Yellow personalities consider all points of view prior to making decisions. They can bury their emotions when they are feeling stressed out, believing it to be a sign of weakness and refuse to allow others to see them this way. They are insular, keeping their circle of intimate friends very small and limited to those who are also business types. Even having friends, yellow people depend only on themselves. Both males and females are considered clothes horses, liking to look good at all times .

It is the color governing the third chakra also called the Solar Plexus Chakra or the Manipura chakra.

Because it is located in the middle of the color spectrum, green is associated with balance. Green is calming, and is used by to promote healing of ulcers. Characteristics: Green personalities are nurturers. They wish to help, heal, or mother others. As such, these people can be found in the medical profession or social work. Others view them as good listeners and trustworthy as they keep their thoughts to themselves. As natural observers, they make excellent guidance counselors, human resource people, psychologists and psychiatrists. They can see all sides to issues and respect all positions.

Green personalities treat others as they wish to be treated and can put others at ease with no effort. Loving harmony makes them born peacemakers. Their homes reflect this by being comfortable and warm for visitors. If one likes dark green the person may be envious or overly concerned with the lives of others. In some cases they have to help others to feel good about themselves, which in its extreme form is codependent. As sometimes over-functioners, they must avoid the tendency to become martyrs.

All in all, green personalities make excellent friends because they are happy, caring and trustworthy. Needless to say, they are natural gardeners and pet lovers.

It is has antibacterial, germicide, and antiseptic properties and is used to treat bacterial infections. It is the color associated with the fourth chakra in the body also known as the Heart Center or the Anahata Chakra.

Blue is the color of communication and knowledge. Attributes: Love, devotion and harmony. Healing, peace, psychic ability, patience, happiness. Symbolic of the ocean, sleep, twilight, and the sky.

Characteristics: Blue people are emotional and stay within themselves. They tend to not trust others as they carefully watch them. Pale blue is the color of devotion and reflects one who prefers things to be in order. As blue becomes darker, it becomes moody and depressed, hence the term, 'the blues'. Lovers of royal blue can be on either a large high or in a deep pit of emotion. Navy blue is favored by those who are very emotional but wish to conceal it. They tend to indulge themselves in their emotions and can, in extreme cases, become obsessed. Being feelers, they cry when they are happy or sad and as a result leave themselves wide open to others. They can easily guage the mood of any person they are around regardless of their state of mind. Blue personalities can't explain the range of their emotions, as they are products of their environment. Looking for sympathy in others, blue people can be miserable to be with when they expect you to be down with them. Codependently, they need you to feel as they do. Too much blue around will create depression so it needs other colors to balance it.

It eliminates toxins in the body and largely controls the thyroid gland. It corresponds to the fifth chakra also called the throat chakra or the Vishuddha Chakra.

Indigo is a color that is sedative and calming. It is said to promote intuition and is the color most closely associated with inner consciousness. The chakra that corresponds to this color is the sixth chakra in the body and is referred to as the Inner Eye Chakra or the Ajana Chakra. .


Violet promotes enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Violet is used to alleviate pain in all organs, relax muscles, and calm the nervous system. It is associated with the cerebrum and the seventh chakra also called the Crown Chakra or the Sahasrara chakra.


Attributes: Nobility, spiritual aspiration, honor and self-esteem. Magnetic, tense, powerful, healing, spiritual, meditative, religious, royal and divine. Medically, it cools the nerves and is antiseptic.

Characteristics: Purple personalities strive to better themselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally. They are voracious readers, constantly seeking knowledge, particularly in tales of the lives of others. Wanting a greater spiritual connection, they love the subjects of theology and religion. Thus armed, they love to spread their findings to others to help them on their spiritual paths.

Being perfectionists, they are prone to self-sabotage by being overly critical of themselves. In an extreme form, those who like the muted shades of purple can become religious zealots who feel the God given right to judge others and mete out retribution. The search for spirit is lost in their fanaticism.

Those who favor darker purple work to find inner peace and love and a connection to God or their higher power. As givers, they are fine friends as they don't seem to ask much for themselves. If they do seek help from another and are not clear in their desire, they may resent the fact that their request is not forthcoming. They can develop a hard-done-by attitude in this case. Over-functioner resenting under-functioner .

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