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Vaastu Shastra
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About Dreams

Since antiquity, dreams have been a marvel for the human conscience. Even in the 21st century when human beings have already landed on the Moon and are scaling vast astronomical distances, dreams have not lost their mystical attraction. Dreams are still a mystery for us and at the same time have pleasing as well as terrorizing effects on us.

Our religious scriptures abound in the extensive descriptions about dreams. The fact that a separate scripture had to be created especially for the analysis of the dreams amply corroborate their importance. We may however say that analysis of dreams is in fact an integral part of Astrology. Like astrology where predictions are made according to the movement of the planets, dreams also help us to draw an inference based on the sequence of events that we witness during sleep.

A layman broadly divides his dreams into good and bad ones. Invariably, he takes bad dreams as ill omens and vice versa. So-called modern intellectuals deride one’s beliefs in dreams as mere superstitions. But it is also a fact that in the western countries like USA, which is at least a century ahead of us in terms of technological development, dreams constitute an interesting subject for research in modern science.

Before going further into the matter, let us discuss some common questions like -
  aerrow Why do we have dreams?
  aerrow Do the dreams affect human life?
  aerrow Categories Of Dreams.
  aerrow Timing Of Dreams.
  aerrow Interpretation Of Dreams
  aerrow Which type of dreams have which types of effects?

Dreams do affect our day-to-day life, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, though the scientific investigations to support this point are lacking. Your own experience with the dreams and how you felt afterwards are the only things that support this view. It is entirely a spiritual or para-psychological matter, which is far beyond the precepts of physical sciences. But experiences of even a layman have certain weight when it comes to the analysis of dreams.

Our religious scriptures contain profuse description of the dreams and their effects. In Sundar kand of Ramayana, an ogress Trijata relates her dream to her companion that in the dream, she had seen Ravan with tonsured head and going to the south riding an ass and that there was great stampede in Lanka. It is well known that within a month, her dream came true as Hanumana caused devastation by setting Lanka on fire that resulted in a great stampede there. Even Ravan ultimately migrated to the south i.e. met his death.

Dreams may also be termed as premonition i.e. having knowledge of the events that are to take place in future. But all the people are not able to draw an unfailing conclusion on the basis of the dreams. Those who are more pious, more spiritual in nature have a developed ability to draw a conclusion on the basis of the dreams. Same was the case with Trijata who is stated to be more pious and spiritually inclined than the rest of the ogresses as is apparent from this stanza:


All the dreams do not have similar effects. Outcome of some of the dreams begins to manifest within a few days whereas others might take months or even years to show their outcome. It is generally believed that only those dreams have effect, which we have during deep slumber. Those dreams that we have during short nap are usually ineffective. Thus, time of the dream is equally important. In any case, correct interpretation of dream helps us to condition ourselves physically and mentally to deal with the ensuing circumstances.



Broadly, the dreams have been divided into 3 categories.

  1. Strange dreams.
  2. Premonition dreams.
  3. Dreams those reflect real life.
  1. Strange dreams :

As is apparent from the name, these dreams are strange in nature and produce strange feelings in the dreamer. The sequences that are played in such kind of dreams have no connection with reality such as one can see in a dream, a person with four heads, sixteen hands or with huge mountain-like body. One might even see elephants flying in his dream. Such sequences have no connection with reality but still people experience them. Sequences can be even stranger than one might expect.

  1. Premonition dreams:

This category of dream can have two types- dreams that augur well, and dreams that augur ill. These are the most important kinds of dreams, which have long-lasting effect on our daily life. Sequences seen in these dreams like visiting temples and places of pilgrimage, sighting holy people and having their blessings and many such things, which are pleasant to us. Contrary to such sequences, one might see a woman clad in red or black sari taking someone towards the south. This type of sequences always augurs ill. Similarly, sighting of shooting stars and breaking shoes also indicate some mishap.

  1. Dreams that show real thing :

This type of dream also does not have much importance and materialise only rarely. These dreams however fulfil our incomplete desires. Such as for example, one might be desirous of becoming a king, so in his dream, he becomes a king. Similarly, a pretty girl might want to marry an extremely handsome man. So in her dreams, she sees herself becoming a queen. Effect of such dreams lasts as long as we are dreaming. Once the sleep is disturbed, these dreams and their effects also vanish altogether.


During the whole night’s sleep, a normal human being has five cycles of dreams. An insane person can have even more up to fifteen cycles of dreams. Even a normal person has a complete cargo of dreams if he is mentally disturbed or having physical ailment. There are five distinct timings of the dreams. These are -

  1. First quarter of the night that lasts one and a half to two hours.
  2. Second quarter of the night that also lasts about two hours.
  3. Third quarter of the night that has duration of two hours.
  4. Fourth quarter of the night. It overlaps with dawn.
  5. Early morning.
Experts and analysts of dreams believe that the dreams, which one has during the first quarter of the night, take one year to show their effect. Dreams of the second quarter manifest their effects within 8 to 10 months. Dreams of the third quarter materialise within 3 to 5 months whereas dreams, which one has during the fourth quarter or Brahma Muhurta, show their effects instantaneously or within a month. Dreams of early morning period are virtually ineffective for they are an outcome from state of half sleep.

Auspicious dreams: Sighting of cow, elephant, cadaver, girls, silver utensils and ornaments, learned Brahmin, king, mourning in the home are considered as auspicious signs. Moon, a tree in full bloom, beautiful garden, idols of deity or great people, temple of Lord Shiva, oxen, chariot or other vehicle, lotus, white cloth, astrologer, cotton, dancing troupe and book in the dream is definitely an auspicious sign. Similarly, performing actions like touring through the places of pilgrimage, conquering enemies, riding a horse, bathing in sacred rivers and meeting ascetics in the dream also show auspicious sign. Apart from these sighting of divine objects, eating rice and curd, drinking sherbet and delivering lectures are also auspicious sign.

Inauspicious dreams: Dreams in which one sights a shrivelled tree, ghost, giants, dried well, or pond, buffalo, owl, burning pyre, solar eclipse, accident etc. are definitely inauspicious. Similarly, wearing black or red clothes, getting insulted, swallowing snake, eating meat, roaming with empty vessel, sticking of mud on the body, getting stuck in the mud and riding camel, buffalo, or ass are inauspicious signs.

Apart from these, sequences like theft of precious metal and gems, abduction of wife, theft of shoes, sighting of shooting stars, drinking oil or ghee, sighting bandwagon and marriage procession as well as sighting honey bees in the courtyard, getting touched by a physician or a handicapped person etc. are extremely inauspicious signs that our dreams might show us.

Dream world is indeed marvellous. No one can fathom it. Million kinds of sequences appear in the dream but still these seem to be unending. Some of these sequences do have definite indication but most of them are meaningless. It is not possible to interpret all the sequences that more than six billion people of the world see in their dreams nor it is possible to count all these sequences. Broadly, the dream sequences can be divided into certain heads. Each of them has their own indication. All other sequences have more or less similar indications provided that they bear resemblance with these major sequences listed below -

  1. Sighting of great people.
  2. Sighting of temples and places of pilgrimage.
  3. Sighting of holy objects and auspicious events.
  4. Sighting of unholy objects and inauspicious events.
  5. Sighting of violent animals.
  6. Sighting of holy animals.
  7. Sighting of strange looking people.
  8. Sighting of strange events.
  9. Sighting of losing and finding something.
  10. Sighting of people dead long ago.

These are major types of sequences one usually sees in his dreams. All the other types of sequences revolve around these major types and hence have more or less similar effects. While going through the current discussion, you will come to learn a great deal of things about the omens related to the dreams. If you have a dream that augurs well, we advise you not to sleep again after having that dream in order to have its complete effect. Likewise, if you have an inauspicious dream, fall asleep again to minimise its bad effects. There are many more measures to minimise the bad effects of an inauspicious dream. We shall discuss about them in subsequent chapters.





Air : Dreams of air represent freedom or escape from limitations.Clear air and blue sky denotes success and happiness.But if the air is misty,stormy,cold or hot,it is indication of unhappiness and troubles.

Animals : Dream of an animal shows a parallel mental and emotional state of the dreamer i.e. where dog represnts faithfulness;fox shows a cunning state of mind. According to the situation going in life,interpretations can be made depending on animals character.

 Automobiles : Dream of an automobile suggests that some hasty news will be sent to you.Owniwng a car tells that one may recieve a gift.The dreams of different ways one travels in car suggests different thing in life as happiness when with children or scandal when with woman.

Baby : A baby in dream interprets new ideas.Usually baby indicates happiness but a baby taking first step may suggest difficulty in business or a helpless baby shows disappointment in love.

Being Beaten : Such a dream is a sign of discord in family.Seeing others being beaten predicts money loss.Seeing a animal being beaten have different interpretations for different animals.

 Beating : Beating someone shows that you are not happy with the person whereas beating a animal suggests damage in one's own affairs.Beating of family members shows happiness and success in love.Different relatives can be interpreted differently.

Birds : Birds depict the exalted mental condition of the dreamer.Dreaming of dove or pegion is a sign of peace and happiness and that one is involved in philosphical or spiritual activities or some creative venture.

Clothes : Clothes suggests how one wants to look in front of others.New clothes tell of prosperity,buying of clothes indicates success in love.But torn or soiled clothes foretell some deceitful actionthat may harm the dreamer ; specially woman dreamer should be careful from his associates.

Earth : Dreaming of earth is indication of sorrows,humiliation,illness ;different states of earth being predicted differently. But dreaming of earth full of grains or oneself being worried brings prosperity and green pastures suggests good children.

Fire : Fire in dreams is a good sign if one does not see oneself being burnt.Setting of office on fire indicates advancement in business and house on fire tells good companions and faithful servants.Kindling of fire suggests many good surprises in store for you.But if you see no flames and only smoke,it is a sign of diappointment.

House : A new house with many rooms in dream foretell newer levels of learning ,leading to gradual enlightenment.A tall building suggests success,a small building failure,a big building change in present situation and a magnificent building suggests long life and travel.

Killing: There are different situations and different interpretation regarding killing. Killing defenseless-sorrow, in self defence-victory, someone attempts to kill you-long life, killing a friend-good health, a businessman-security,a bird-damage and so on.

Love: Loving someone indicates satisfaction, joy and good fortune. Being loved suggests success, but unwanted love shows heart trouble. Failure in love indicates just the opposite, loving animals is sign of fortune. But loving friend brings in bad news and loving relatives suggests financial loss.

Money : Generally profit and loss in dreams foretell just the opposite in real life; though there is contradiction on this point.Stealing money in a dream indicates sickness whereas spending money indicates failure due extravagance and one should be careful.

Naked: Seeing oneself naked indicates unwise involvement that may bring in public disgrace. Dreaming of oneself naked is sign of disappointments but married persons dreaming themselves naked foretells a wealthy future for them.

People: Seeing people shows your own personality or behavior these days. A person in church or in black clothes shows unhappiness but a crowd in street suggests business prosperity.

Sex: It foretells happiness, abundance and financial gains.

 Snake: Appearance of snake in peaceful state denotes growth of wisdom. But other states of snake have different interpretations ; attacking position-treachery, biting-business may be injured, walking over them-sickness,killing a snake-victory in work but after difficulties,little snakes around-defame.

Tree : Seeing a tree in general denotes happiness,abundance and good news but a sapling tree indicates poverty,a dead tree foretells unhappiness,a tree with leaves turning yellow tells of sickness.Climbing a tree foretells elevation in life and work,taking fruits from the tree indicates inheritance from elderly people.

Water : Water dreams in general indicates abundance and joyful enjoyment. Muddy water tells sorrow and illness. Drawing water from a fountain suggests fortune through a beautiful young wife. Falling into water or walking into it foretells marriage with wrong person. Different ways in which water is seen indicates many different things.

Numbers: It could be a number written on something or particular number of objects or you may visit a place particular number of times. As in numerology, if name appears in dreams it should be calculated to evaluate a number. The interpretations about numbers 1-9 are same as in numerology. Besides single digit numbers, karmic numbers (11,22,33...) also have the same effect as in numerology.

Colors: Clear and rich color indicates positive effects whereas dull or muddy colors are a sign of negative aspects. Different colors have been assigned different numbers that have interpretations same as in numerology. Red-1,orange-2,yellow-3,green-4,blue-5,indigo-6,violet-7,pink-8,bronze-9,silver-11,gold-22.Other colors stand for black-malice, white-purity and grey-conventionality.


Sighting of great and holy people, temples, place of pilgrimage, auspicious objects, birds and animals are considered good and such dreams as auspicious.

Sighting of great and holy people: Sighting of great and holy people in the dream augurs well. Following is a discussion about different categories of great and holy people.

  1. Sighting of sages and ascetics: The dreamer might receive some auspicious news. Receiving of gift from the sage in dream signifies even more auspiciousness.
  2. Sighting of teacher: This is also an auspicious sign. Blessing by the Guru signifies even more auspiciousness.
  3. Sighting of astrologer: This signifies a sudden search in the fortune.
  4. Sighting of the elders: This is a beneficial sign. A blessing by the elders in dreams results into the fulfilment of desires.
  5. Sighting of the king: This is also an auspicious sign that indicates fulfilment of desires.

Similarly, sighting of other great and pious people gives similar result. Blessing by them also signifies greater fortune. Sighting of temples and place of pilgrimage -

  1. Sighting of temple: If a temple is seen in the dream along with an idol of Goddess Durga in her four-armed appearance, it is auspicious by all means and signifies removal of the crisis.
  2. Sighting of Lord Shiva: Appearance of Lord Shiva in the dream is extremely benevolent. This also signifies end of the crisis period.
  3. Sighting of Goddess Lakshmi: Sighting of Goddess Lakshmi in the dreams signifies that the dreamer is soon to be blessed by her. The dreamer might also receive an expected wealth.
  4. Sighting of sacred rivers: Sighting of sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari etc. brings peace and tranquillity in life. If the dreamer sees himself taking a bath in these rivers, it shows good health for him.
Sighting of place of pilgrimage: Sighting of holy places of pilgrimage like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Dwarka, Amarnath etc. brings peace, prosperity as well as indicates a pilgrimage or some auspicious happening in the household of the dreamer. Similarly, sighting of sea, Cadamba tree or any other sacred objects indicates peace, prosperity and auspiciousness for the dreamer.


  1. Sighting of saffron and musk: It indicates fame and fortune for you. Purchasing and touching these things in the dream shows even greater auspiciousness.
  2. Sighting of flowers: Sighting of flowers like lotus and rose indicates good health for you.
  3. Sighting of books and scriptures: It indicates mental and intellectual development for you.
  4. Sighting of stationary item: Sighting of stationary items like pen, pencil, notebook etc. indicates achievement of your goals. Such dreams are even more significant for the literateurs.
  5. Sighting of treasures: It indicates certain prosperity for you. You might receive immense wealth from some unexpected source.
  6. Sighting of lamp and incense sticks: This is also an auspicious indication. It shows immediate removal of your crisis.
  7. Sighting of fields and granary: It indicates receiving of good news as well as prosperity. Some auspicious event might take place in your home.
  8. Sighting of mountain peak and tower: It indicates progress in your work as well as fulfilment of your desires.
  9. Sighting of kitchen- Sighting of kitchen or cooking food in the dream indicates liberation from the debts and unnecessary tension.
  10. Sighting of the numbers: It is also an auspicious sign and signifies receiving of wealth from lottery, race, speculation or gambling.
  11. Sighting of mirrors: This is an auspicious sign that indicates an increase in desires and their completion.
  12. Sighting of arms: Sighting of arms like bow and arrow, sabre, lance, guns etc. and you training them at the target is an auspicious sign that indicates your win in a litigation and completion of some task blocked since long. Sighting of ordinance depot is also auspicious.
  13. Sighting of memorial: Sighting of memorials and paying respect in the way of floral garlands is an extremely auspicious dream.
  14. Sighting of waterfalls and snowfall: It is an auspicious sign that indicates removal of mental tortures.
  15. Sighting of ledger and account book: This is also an auspicious indication that hints at coming of wealth.
  16. Sighting of turban: It indicates completion of your desired task as well as an increase in your reputation. It also shows that you will be able to safeguard your respect.
  17. Sighting of Moon and sandalwood: It is an auspicious sign indicating good news.
  18. Sighting of rainbow: Sighting of rainbow and clouds in the dream indicate happiness.
  19. Sighting of horse rider: It indicates a journey for you with an auspicious objective. It also shows successful execution of the task.
  20. Sighting of diver: This indicates receiving of some secret information alarming you against the conspiracy of your rivals.
  21. Sighting of betel leaves- Sighting of betel leaves, offering of them to someone else, chewing them and a sheaf of betel leaves augurs well. It indicates an auspicious occasion in your house.
  22. Sighting of letter: It indicates that you will re meet your friend after prolong separation or an authority figure. It also indicates completion of your desires. Sighting of money order indicates acquiring of wealth and completion of desires.
Apart from these, auspicious objects and events, sighting of bedstead, green vegetables, fruits, trident, planet Venus, well furnished bedstead, pearls and diamonds, flag, growing of moustache, fountain, son, daughter-in-law, rock addict, indulgence in luxuries, heaven, pillow, salt, shop and office, mother, binocular, entertainment items like television, radio etc., tents, court and lighted fire pot are all auspicious sign.


  1. Sighting of beggar: If you see in your dream that a beggar is begging for alms from you, it is an inauspicious sign that indicates serious illness for a family member.
  2. Sighting of crematoria: This is an inauspicious sign that indicates imminent crisis for you. Some experts regard such dream as auspicious.
  3. Sighting of prison: It indicates imminent crisis or loss.
  4. Sighting of crossing: This is also inauspicious and shows a state of dilemma for you.
  5. Sighting of auction: Sighting of auction in dream is not an auspicious sign. It indicates some monetary crisis in the family.
  6. Sighting of robbers: It also indicates imminent crisis.
  7. Sighting of net: It indicates that you will be surrounded by crises.

Apart from these, sighting of lepers, handicapped people, aeroplane, ship, peon, barber, board, bottle, cage, naked person, crown, acid, bread, hell, cowherd, ornaments, grocer, enemy, stable, sinking person, heap of wood, rice, shrivelled tree, prisoner, killer, wall, guest, orphanage, bangles, flames of fire, forest, breaking of the nest, receiving and giving of bribe, stones and pebbles, pony, eclipse, brooms, and metals in the dream is extremely inauspicious indicates ill omens for the dreamer.



  1. Death of the self or a relative: Sighting of the death of the self or of a relative indicates an increment in the expected life span of the concerned person. In other words, it is an auspicious indication.
  2. Getting insulted or beaten up: This is also an auspicious indication that shows removal of your worries and enemies.
  3. Killing someone: Sighting of you killing someone in your dream or performing some other cruel task augurs well. It shows your win in a dispute and on your enemy.
  4. Offering oblations to the dead ancestors: If you see yourself offering oblations to your dead ancestors in your dream, it shows comfort in your future life.
  5. Getting injured: Sighting of you getting injured in the dream indicates your win in litigation or a dispute.
  6. Bitten by the snake: Sighting of you being bitten by the snake in your dream indicates good health and wealth for you. Even the mere sighting of snake in the dream augurs well.
  7. Weeping: Sighting of yourself weeping or mourning in the dream indicates peace and prosperity for you.
  8. Stung by the insects: Sighting of yourself being surrounded by insects like flies, mosquitoes, ticks etc. is an auspicious sign. It indicates that you will receive an extremely pretty wife.
  9. Going bankrupt: Sighting of yourself in the dream going bankrupt augurs well for you. However sighting of others going bankrupt augurs ill for you.
  10. Getting raped: If a woman sees in her dream herself being raped by a man or a group of men, it indicates some unfavourable incident for her.
  11. Eating flesh: Sighting of eating, selling and purchasing flesh in the dream indicates loss of wealth.
  12. Defeat of the self: If you see your defeat in your dream, it indicates death or death-like agony for you.
  13. Sinking in water or swamp: Sighting of your sinking in water or swamp indicates a painful death.
  14. Dropping by a bird: Sighting of you being dropped by a bird like crow, or vulture indicates imminent death.
  15. Sighting of eclipse: Sighting of solar or lunar eclipse in the dream indicates death.
  16. Smearing with mud and dung: Sighting of yourself smearing ash, dung, dust or mud on your body shows death very soon.
  17. Collapsing palace and flag: Sighting of collapsing palace, breaking flag and canopy in the dream indicates snatching of kingdom, retardation in progress and even death.
  18. Inundated land: Sighting of land, fields, granary etc. inundated with floodwater indicates destruction of wealth and cereals.
  19. Severing of body parts: Sighting of you losing a part of your body in the dream indicates loss of the same organ such as if you see losing your eye, you will probably suffer from blindness.
  20. Lightning without clouds: Sighting of lighting without clouds in the southern sky indicates imminent death within two or three months.
  21. Clattering of teeth: This is an inauspicious sign that indicates departure of the dreamer to the abode of the demons.
  22. Change of colours of the organs: Sighting of organs in dream changing their colours like tongue white and face red indicates imminent death within a month.
  23. Falling in a pit or well: If someone sees himself in the dream falling in a pit or well and not able to come out it indicates that his death is very near.
  24. Murder by evil people: Sighting of the self being murdered by the evil people indicates death within seven days.
  25. Entering the fire: Sighting of self entering the fire and not coming out indicates imminent death.
  26. Riding camel and ass: Sighting of the self riding an ass or a camel and going towards the south indicates death within a month.
  27. Rainbow in the night and stars in the day: Sighting in the dream of rainbow in the night and the stars in the day indicates imminent death.
  28. Operation and bleeding: Sighting of operation and bleeding in the dream indicates physical pain.
  29. Abortion: Sighting of abortion in the dream indicates death of someone in the family.
  30. Strike: Sighting of strikes indicates demotion and relegation for the dreamer.
  31. Getting pushed: Sighting of the self in the dream being pushed by the crowd indicates an insult.
  32. Change in the body: Sighting of the self changing physically that is a fat man sees himself thin and a thin man sees himself getting fat indicates death within eight months.


  1. Engagement: Sighting of the engagement of the self or someone else indicates bad omens for the love relation of the dreamer.
  2. Marriage: Sighting of marriage in the dream indicates some inauspicious event. Death is possible.
  3. Delivering lecture: Sighting of the self, giving lecture is an auspicious sign. It indicates conquering of the enemies.
  4. Extreme joy: It indicates both auspicious as well as inauspicious results. First, the dreamer will get married then he would die soon afterwards.
  5. Copulating with a beautiful lady: Sighting of the self in the dream copulating with an extremely beautiful lady who is wearing red clothes and beautiful ornaments indicates imminent death of the dreamer. Even the kissing of such a lady in the dream augurs ill.
  6. Roaming in a garden: Sighting of the self in the dream roaming in a garden and not finding an end to the passages indicates death or death-like pain.
  7. Dancing and laughing: Sighting of the self in the dream laughing or dancing indicates killing soon afterwards.
  8. Wearing of red flower and thread: If someone sees himself in the dream wearing a red flower or red thread, it indicates loss of health and related pains for the dreamer.


  1. Sighting of the sky: Sighting of the sky in the dream indicates that new heights in the life i.e. the dreamer will make rapid progress.
  2. Sighting of rail engine: Sighting of railway engine in the dream indicates unsuccessful implementation of the plans.
  3. Construction of building: Sighting of the construction of a building in the dream indicates monetary gain and progress.
  4. Sighting of reproductive organs: It indicates birth of children and continuation of progeny.
  5. Sighting of girl: It indicates progress and pilgrimage for the dreamer. An auspicious occasion may also arise.
  6. Combing of hair: It indicates the completion of desires.
  7. Cawing of the crow: It indicates a meeting with the beloved one.
  8. Veil: Sighting of a veiled lady in the dream indicates beginning of a new venture or receiving of some higher post.
  9. Sipping tea: An auspicious sign that indicates success of the dreamer.
  10. Boarding a ship or an aeroplane: Sighting of the self in the dream boarding a ship or an aeroplane indicates an important change in the life.
  11. Talking on the telephone: It also indicates receiving of auspicious news.
  12. Palanquin: Sighting of palanquin in the dream indicates completion of a long cherished desire for the dreamer.
  13. Playing of drums: It indicates meeting with the beloved one.
  14. Clapping: It indicates some special happiness.
  15. Stars: Sighting of the stars in the dream indicates completion of a desire.
  16. Swimming: Sighting of the self in the dream swimming indicates good health and an increment in the life of the dreamer.
  17. Bathing in a pond: It indicates an increase in the reputation.
  18. Trident: Sighting of the trident in the dream indicates an increase in the fortune of the dreamer. It also indicates arrival of an auspicious occasion in the household of the dreamer.
  19. Drinking milk: It indicates extra-ordinary pleasure for the dreamer.
  20. Eating of curd: It also indicates financial profit and progress.
  21. Immense wealth: It indicates pleasure from the offspring.
  22. Giving away donation: It also indicates some auspicious occurrence in the household.
  23. Crammed shop: Sighting of a shop crammed with goods in the dream indicates financial gain.
  24. Offering Namaaz: It indicates spiritual development.
  25. Climbing a tree: It indicates increase in reputation and progress.
  26. Papaya: Sighting a papaya in the dream indicates monetary gain and some other benefits.
  27. Crackers: Sighting of crackers in the dream also indicates monetary gain.
  28. Wrestler: It is an auspicious sign that indicates improvement in health.
  29. Worship: Sighting of worship in a dream indicates spiritual development and increase in devotion.
  30. Floral garden: Sighting of floral garden and orchard in the dream indicates special pleasure for the dreamer.
  31. Marriage procession: Sighting of marriage procession in the dream augurs ill. It indicates unnecessary tension and worries.
  32. Eating sweetmeats: It indicates an increase in reputation and progress.
  33. Yagya: Sighting of Yagya in the dream indicates an increase in the fortune. It also indicates an auspicious occasion in the household.
  34. Eating bread: It indicates completion of the desires.
  35. Chariot: It is an auspicious sign that indicates a journey for a noble cause.
  36. Rain: It indicates tension and losses.
  37. Journey abroad: It indicates a familial dispute.
  38. Beautiful lady: It indicates receipt of wealth.
  39. Journey to heaven: Sighting of a journey to heaven in the dream indicates physical and metaphysical pleasures for the dreamer.
  40. Bathing beauty: Sighting of a beautiful woman wearing white clothes and taking bath in the dream indicates gain of wealth.
  41. Eating in precious utensils: It indicates a reward from the royalty and an increase in the reputation.
  42. Drinking fresh cow milk: It indicates freedom from the diseases.
  43. Smearing of sandalwood paste: Sighting of getting smeared with sandalwood paste and touched by the flowers indicates improvement in health.
  44. Getting green vegetables and cereals: It indicates gain of wealth from unexpected sources.
  45. Sunrise: It indicates an accumulation and increase in the treasure.
  46. Happy Brahmin: It indicates successful completion of the desires.
  47. Auspicious songs by the womenfolk: It augurs ill and indicates death of someone in the family or some other grave calamity.
  48. Talk about marriage: If a widow sees in her dream that talks for her marriage are going on, it indicates serious illness for her.
  49. Riding an elephant: Dream of riding an elephant and eating cooked rice on a riverbank is an auspicious sign that indicates the kingship of entire earth.
  50. Swallowing of the Sun and Moon: It is also an auspicious sign that indicates kingdom of the entire earth.
  51. Eating kheer on the seat of lotus: It indicates attaining of kingship.
  52. Eating fruit and seeing flowers: An auspicious sign that indicates the obtaining of immense wealth.
  53. Victory: Sighting victory of the self and defeat of the enemy indicates that the dreamer might attain the supreme post of the land.
  54. Climbing a mountain and descending safely: It indicates successful completion of a mission and safe return.
  55. Smearing of the body with vermilion and marriage of the self: It is an extremely auspicious sign and the dreamer attains fabulous wealth and all kinds of comforts.
  56. Wife and husband: Sighting of the wife in husband’s dream and vice versa is an extremely auspicious sign for both of hem. It indicates deep love between the spouses.
  57. Inscribing on the tongue: Inscribing on the tongue in the dream indicates grace of Goddess Saraswati on the dreamer. He may attain kingship.
  58. Riding a rut elephant: Sighting a ride on a rut elephant and getting up in fear is an extremely auspicious sign that indicates gain of immense wealth.
  59. Demolition of old house and construction of new house: It indicates unlearning of bad habits for the dreamer.
  60. Surrounding a village or a town: It indicates that the dreamer might become the head of the village or the town.
  61. Filling of lap with fruits and flowers: It indicates gaining of immense wealth.
  62. Sighting of Lakshmi in white attire: An auspicious sign. Indicates grace of Goddess
  63. Lakshmi or Saraswati on the dreamer.
  64. Wearing ornaments: Wearing of ornaments in a dream is an auspicious sign that indicates that the dreamer might become a king one-day.
  65. Sleeping on jewelled bedstead: This is also an auspicious sign that indicate that the dreamer might become a king and will rule without obstacles and his enemies will fear him.
  66. Cropping of lotus in house: It indicates that prosperity and peace will reign everywhere in his kingdom under the rule of the dreamer.
  67. Getting embraced by a beautiful woman: If a man sees himself getting embraced by a beautiful woman, donning fine clothes, it indicates that his wealth will stay with him.
  68. Wearing good clothes and getting worshipped: It indicates gaining of wealth and cereal.
  69. Watching it rain: Sighting of rain in the dream is auspicious. Apart from it, sighting of fire is also auspicious and indicates continuous stay of the wealth.
  70. Getting touched by a bird or an animal: Touch by a bird or an animal in the dream and subsequent awakening indicates attaining of a beautiful and meritorious wife.
  71. Bathing in cold water: Bathing and playing in the dream indicates an increase in the fortune.
  72. Climbing a heap of the cereals, fruits and vegetation: Such a dream and subsequent awakening indicates good fortune. It also indicates an increase in the wealth.
  73. Sighting of balcony, arches and white kiosks: An auspicious sign that indicates an increase in the wealth, edible items and offspring.
  74. Touching the clouds, lightning and stars: It indicates all kinds of luxuries, prosperity and good luck.
  75. Eating pies: It indicates an increase in wealth.
  76. Drinking of milk in earthenware: It is an extremely auspicious sign. Drinking of cow’s milk in earthenware particularly indicates attaining of very high post or riches beyond expectation.
  77. Getting yellow fruits and red flower: Such dreams are also very auspicious and indicate receiving of gold and ruby. Some other good outcome is also possible.
  78. Getting Veena: Receiving of Veena in the dream and getting up subsequently indicates that the dreamer will get an extremely beautiful and meritorious wife.
  79. Crossing of river and ocean by aircraft: It indicates increase in wealth.
  80. Receiving of yellow cereals and mustard: It indicates receiving of higher education or secret knowledge.
  81. Well armed army: It indicates ownership of permanent wealth and assets.
  82. Touching of fan, curb, mace etc.: Sighting of these items as well as of the flags, arches, utensils etc. indicates an increase in the wealth and luxuries.
  83. Rubbing the breasts of a beautiful woman: This and enjoying intimacy with a beautiful woman in the dream indicate gain of a pretty woman.
  84. Receiving ambrosia: This and tasting of ambrosia in the dream indicates sudden gain of wealth.
  85. Sighting of pomegranate, Areca nut and coconut trees: Sighting of these trees in the dream is an auspicious sign that indicates gain of wealth.
  86. Hearing of auspicious sounds: Hearing of recitation of Vedas, trumpeting of elephant, roar of lion, or neighing of the horse indicates that the dreamer will get fabulous wealth.
  87. Row of the cows and clouds: Sighting of a row of the cows and clouds is an extremely auspicious sign that indicates great riches of the dreamer.
  88. Sighting of flowers: Sighting of white lotus, lavender, laurel, Naag-keshar, Maalti, sesame and Albezia indicates good fortune for the dreamer.
  89. Climbing the mountain peak: Climbing the mountain peak and looking down below over the vast expanses of grass fields in the dream indicates great riches for the dreamer.
  90. Becoming a king: Becoming a king and eating kheer in the dream indicates gaining of all kinds of comforts for the dreamer.
  91. Auspicious trees: Sighting of trees like Ashok, laurel, sandal and bamboo in the dream indicates gain of wealth.
  92. Auspicious things: Sighting of auspicious things like cardamom, clove, camphor, nutmeg, mace, musk, saffron etc. also indicates gain of wealth.
  93. Citrus fruits: Sighting of citrus fruits like orange, lemon etc. as well as bananas indicate salvation for the dreamer.
  94. Chewing sugarcane and betel leaves: It indicates continuous inflow of wealth.
  95. Heavy metals: Sighting of heavy metals like lead, brass etc. in the dream also indicates all kinds of comforts for the dreamer.
  96. White flowers: Receiving of white scented flowers like oleander, jasmine etc. in the dream indicate gaining of wealth by the dreamer.
  97. Lord Vishnu: Sighting of Lord Vishnu in His four- armed appearance indicates that the dreamer will be a supreme Yogi and attain all kinds of comforts, prosperity and peace.
  98. Auspicious insignia: Sighting of religious and auspicious insignia like Swastika, Doob grass, whirlpool, sacred thread etc. indicates kingship for the dreamer.
  99. Feather, mollusc etc.: Receiving of feathers, conch, mollusc, fish etc. in the dream indicates great riches and reputation for the dreamer.
  100. Gems and jewellery: Sighting of precious gems and jewellery in the dream indicates continuous inflow of wealth for the dreamer.
  101. Playing of Veena: Playing of Veena in the dream indicates increase in wealth of the dreamer.
  102. Milking of cow: Milking of cow in such a way that the milk falls directly into the mouth of the dreamer indicates annihilation of his enemies.
  103. Agar, camphor etc.: Sighting of auspicious objects like black Agar, camphor, Tagar, Naagarmotha and spikenard in the dream indicates increase in reputation for the dreamer. Putting a tilak with sandalwood paste also indicates the same thing.
  104. Sighting the near and dear ones in ornaments: Sighting of the friends and relatives wearing precious ornaments in the dream indicates good fortune.
  105. Carrying a flag: Sighting of the self in the dream carrying a flag and emergence of creeper, trees etc. from the navel indicate that the dreamer will have full control over his wealth.
  106. Listening to the king: Listening to the words of the king, deity, Brahmin, cows and dead ancestors in the dream materialises exactly according to the nature of the words i.e. if they are orating auspicious words, auspicious events will follow and vice versa.
  107. Travelling towards North-east: Travelling towards north-east in a chariot hauled by white oxen indicates that the dreamer will rule the earth.
  108. Receiving of auspicious things: Receiving of things like a blue cow, bow and arrow as well as shoes indicate that the dreamer will go abroad and return soon.
  109. Boat: It indicates an increase in the reputation.
  110. Water: It indicates profit and auspicious occasion.
  111. Urn filled with water: It indicates an auspicious event in the household of the dreamer.
  112. Singing of songs: It is an inauspicious sign that indicates some severe crisis.
  113. Silver: It indicates special benefits.
  114. Ring: It indicates meeting with the beloved one.
  115. Shoes: Sighting of shoes in the dream indicates delicious food for the dreamer.
  116. Lighted lamp: It indicates an increase in the family of the dreamer.

Thus, sighting of apparent auspicious events in the dream has mixed results. Such events in the dream usually augur well but might indicate bad omens as well. Sighting of auspicious things and insignia almost always gives auspicious results. It is not possible to give a complete description of all the auspicious things in a brief frame. Hence whatever things you would regard as auspicious in the society will give you auspicious results if sighted in the dream.



  1. Owl: Sighting of an owl in the dream indicates diseases and depression.
  2. Camel: Sighting of a camel in the dream is an inauspicious sign that indicates an accident.
  3. Cuckoo: Sighting of a cuckoo in the dream is not auspicious. It indicates false accusations on the dreamer.
  4. Black cobra: Sighting of a black cobra in the dream augurs well. It indicates gaining of honour from the state.
  5. Dog: Sighting of dog and biting by it in the dream indicates an increase in the number of enemies.
  6. Pigeon: Sighting of a pigeon in the dream indicates receipt of good news.
  7. Lizard: It indicates gain of wealth suddenly. Some experts regard it inauspicious indication also.
  8. Scorpio: It is an inauspicious sign that indicates an increase in the worries.
  9. Deer: There is again a difference of opinion among the experts. Some experts believe that sighting of a deer in the dream brings good news whereas others feel that it might bring havoc on the dreamer.
  10. Lion: Sighting of lion indicates annihilation of the enemies and defeating them.
  11. Snake: Sighting of the snake in the dream indicates fear and unnecessary tensions. Falling of the snake on body indicates diseases.
  12. Jackal: Sighting of a jackal in the dream indicates some calamity in the future.
  13. Ass: Sighting of an ass in the dream also indicates a future calamity.
  14. Flies, mosquitoes, tics etc.: Sighting of these insects and being surrounded or bitten by them augurs well. It indicates receiving of beautiful wife.
  15. Buffalo: Sighting of a buffalo in the dream indicates some inauspicious event or a mishap. Riding a buffalo in the dream is even worse. Some experts believe that it is an indication of imminent death.

Thus sighting of such animals, which are considered inauspicious like pig in the dream usually, indicates bad omen. There are exceptions too in this regard. On the other hand, sighting of such animals, which are considered auspicious in life like peacock, dove etc. usually augurs well for the dreamer.


  1. Cow: It indicates end of the suffering and gain of the comforts.
  2. Raven: Sighting of a raven perching on the head indicates an increase in the number of enemies and associated troubles.
  3. Ox: It is also an auspicious sign that indicates gain of luxuries.
  4. Elephant: It also indicates an increase in the luxuries.
  5. Horse: An auspicious sign that indicates an increase in the reputation and wealth.
  6. Monkey: It indicates some auspicious occasion in the household.
  7. Deer: it indicates that the dreamer will grow rich in the near future.
  8. Pig: It indicates loss of wealth.
  9. Crow: In real life, sighting of crow and its cawing are regarded as auspicious signs but sighting of the crow in dreams causes loss of wealth.
Cock and hen: These birds are also considered auspicious in real life but sighting of them in the dream is regarded as inauspicious.

Some experts however have different opinion.

  1. Waterfowl: It is considered as inauspicious. Sighting of this bird in the dream indicates imminent crisis.
  2. Cormorant: Sighting of this bird in the dream is an inauspicious sign that indicates catastrophe.
  3. Goat: Sighting of goat in the dream also causes loss.
  4. Sparrow and blue Jay: Sighting of blue Jay and sparrow in the dream and getting up subsequently indicates that the dreamer will soon receive a beautiful wife.
  5. Jay and Swan: Sighting of Jay and swan in the dream and getting up subsequently also indicates wealth and good wife.
  6. Stork: It is also an auspicious sign that indicates receiving of a wise and beautiful wife.
  7. Grazing goat: Sighting of the grazing goats and nannies indicate return of the happy days.
  8. Playing with dog: An auspicious sign that indicates many kinds of benefits.
  9. Cats: It indicates loss of wealth or cheating by a friend.


  1. Tonsured formidable man: Death of the dreamer within 2 months.
  2. Chandaal: Calamity or some inauspicious event.
  3. Dirty man with long hair: Loss of reputation.
  4. Man with mutilated or distorted organs: Insult and crisis.
  5. Woman with organs painted red: Imminent death if she hugs the dreamer.
  6. Woman with stenching body and untidy hair: Certainly inauspicious sign if she hugs the dreamer.
  7. Black woman with distorted organs: Imminent death if she hugs the dreamer.
  8. Woman with red eyes and yellow clothes: Death in near future if she hugs the dreamer.
  9. Naked woman with big nails: Death in near future.
  10. Yamadoot: Untimely death.
  11. Butcher and executioner: Death in a year.
  12. Woman carrying cereals in a bowl: Inauspicious indicates destruction if she offers that cereal to the dreamer.
  13. Beheaded man: Serious crisis and inauspicious event.
  14. Beggar: Disease, pains and death.
  15. Widow: Crisis and mourning.
  16. Blind man: Sufferings.
  17. Prostitute: Early marriage.
  18. Wretched woman: Good news.
  19. Horse rider: Successful auspicious journey.
  20. Bathing in blood: Prosperity and end of the crisis.
  21. Beheaded self: Comforts, peace and prosperity as well as increase in life span.
  22. Death of the self: Increase in life span and end of the sufferings.
  23. Biting by the snake: Gain of wealth if the snake bites in the right hand.
  24. Enchained: Gain of wealth and comforts.
  25. Eating of flesh from the limbs: Gain of wealth and prosperity.
  26. Eating of flesh from the head: Gain of kingdom or high designation.
  27. Eating flesh, fat and faeces: Comforts and auspicious occasion.
  28. Death of family member: Gain of wealth and comforts.
  29. Waning Sun and the Moon: Catastrophy on the state.
  30. Falling hair and teeth: Loss of wealth and offspring.
  31. Amputation of limbs: Death or some serious crisis.
  32. Riding an ass and going towards the south: Early death and fearsome crisis.
  33. Rains without season: Serious crisis in the country.
  34. Biting by the dog: Secret attack by the enemy and consequent loss.
  35. Imprisonment: Liberation from crisis and gain of wealth.
  36. Typhoon: Liberation from crisis and sorrows.
  37. Dried river and trees: Death, disease and distress.
  38. Falling mountain peaks and flags: Great sufferings and worries.
  39. Beheading someone: Gain of kingdom or high post.
  40. Swallowing of Sun, Moon and solar system: All the comforts and gain of kingdom.
  41. Drinking of urine and semen of the self: Early gain of wealth.
  42. Death due to consumption of poison: End of crises and gain of all kinds of comforts.
  43. Bleeding and drinking of blood: Richness for the dreamer.
  44. Drinking milk while riding a horse: Gain of kingdom or high designation.
  45. House in the crematorium: Kingdom of the entire earth for the dreamer.
  46. Falling in the trench and climbing up again: Purification of mind and gain of immense wealth.
  47. Sinking in the river and pond: Severe crisis.
  48. Blazing clothes, bedstead and house: Gain of wealth.
  49. Touching of sky, stars and comets: Gain of comforts, wealth and reputation.
  50. Inhaling smoke: Permanent wealth and gain of comforts.
  51. Cyclone and Gail: Death in the near future if the dreamer feels that the cyclone had touched him.
  52. Losing sight and extinguished lamp: Disease or injury to an organ.
  53. Drinking oil: Indication of illness.
  54. Excreting blood: Destruction of wealth and cereals.
  55. Taking retirement: Severe sufferings.
  56. Day without the Sun and night without the Moon: Early death or frightening crisis.
  57. Sleeping on hay, wood and skeleton: Severe crisis and unhappiness.
  58. Sitting on the bed of the deceased: Early death.
  59. Smearing of dung, mud, ash, fermented liquor, honey, oil, ghee and whey on the body: Serious illness, death and inauspicious happening.
  60. Smoking fire from dung cake, wood and coal: Destruction of wealth and cereals.
  61. Excretion of gold and silver: Death within ten months.
  62. Change in shadow: Death within 4 months.
  63. Body smelling like goat and cadaver: Early death. Such symptoms in real life also indicate death of the concerned person within 10 or 15 days.
  64. Naked man or Naaga Sanyasis: Early death of the dreamer.
  65. Cinders, ash and zigzagging river: Serious illness and early death.
  66. Loss of smell: Indicates death.
  67. Clattering teeth: Early death and sufferings.
  68. Killing by the villainous people: Early death within 7 days.
  69. Royal court: Early death.
  70. Drinking wine: Gain of wealth for the Brahmin.
  71. Finding food cooked in oil and copper coins: Illness, sufferings.
  72. Black objects: Inauspicious, causes worries.
  73. Severing of private parts: Gain of desired partner.
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