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Ms. Rita Dubey (Astrologer)

Ms. Rita Dubey is a professional astrologer and Pranic Healer, with more than five years of experience.

Her background is eclectic. She holds Master of Science degree in Home Science degree from Banasthali Vidyapeeth, spending her later years in learning and practicing Astrology and Pranic Healing.

Initially picked up as a hobby and later an obsession she has used Astrology to

understand Karma and grow spiritually. She applies Pranic Healing as a complementary technique to alleviate many of the problems.
She completed her Masters in Astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan - a worldwide institute devoted to the preservation of India’s culture, based in New Delhi and the world’s largest Astrological School.

She realized that though lots of books on routine topics are available but they should not be taken literally and many interpretations have to be creatively done keeping current vocations and changing global environment and scenarios. She has been continuously reading horoscopes and documenting the learning’s. Testing hypothesis on regular basis and with the help of gurus who are able to channalise thoughts has resulted in better/accurate predictive results.
She has collated and accumulated huge amount of literature based on her own interpretations and learning’s from scriptures, books and wise people she has interacted.

She completed Advanced Pranic Healing certifications from Pranic Healing Foundation. She learnt techniques that are designed to cleanse and energize the physical body, thereby accelerating the rate at which the body can heal itself and able to create more balance and to maintain greater success and harmony and guide people through the enormous range of possibilities regarding the application of Prana, or Vital Life Force to nearly every aspect of life.

She has learnt to heal ailments, enabling them to produce immediate positive results that contribute to good health and well being.

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